What do I do during a healing session?

At the start of a healing session Carol plays some specially chosen music with a high spiritual resonance. As you relax and listen to the music, you are asked to be aware of any thoughts or issues that may come to the surface. After the invocation/prayer you are invited to voice whatever you are seeking help with. Carol will then explain how she works and will guide you through the session. If you are part of a group it is important that only one person at a time is speaking as this is an energetic and telepathic process with deep sensitivity and listening involved. You are also asked for an agreement of confidentiality in order to ensure that the circle is a safe, sacred and respectful space for all.

How will I feel afterwards?

During a healing session, many feelings, emotions, sensations and physical experiences may present themselves. The process continues over a number of days, as the old imprints are processed and dissolved. How clients feel is a very individual experience. Many report feelings of increased energy, lightness, improved sleep patterns, freedom, clarity and inner peace. Immediately after a session it is not unusual to feel tired and emotional as the old energies work their way out of the system, creating space for new, fresh energies of positivity and vitality to flow.

Do I need to be religious or have strong faith?

The sacred healing energy comes from the source of creation, direct from the heart of God (whatever Higher Power you believe.) It is beyond mind, religion or belief. Carol works with clients of all creeds and none and views herself as a cleaning lady willing to serve where the need is greatest.



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