Carol is a very kind and compassionate person and an extraordinary healer and medium. She is a dear friend and fellow pilgrim on the path. She carries grace and humility and at the same time is a very potent spiritual channel. I have witnessed her living totally in service to the Divine energy that pours through her. She has opened an ancient doorway, reaching through time and space, to access spirits and speech, voices and vibrations, energy and medicine, from our pre-Celtic ancestors – the Tuatha Dé Danann. Carol has helped and continues to help many people. God bless her, she is a treasure from God’s jewel box.

– Ger Lyons

Global Mystic & Spiritual Healer


When I first went to one of Carol’s healing groups I was going through a tough time. The group was the answer to my prayers. Carol and the group restored my faith in human nature. I experienced a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity previously unattainable to me. After the sessions I sleep like a contented baby. The biggest lesson I have learned is that we are all connected on this planet. The ripple effect of community is powerful. Carol’s group sends ripples that turn into giant waves of positive energy to Ireland, the world and the rest of our solar system. Don’t underestimate the ripple effect.

                                                                                                          – Karen Walsh


I am privileged to be a part of Carol’s healing circle since its inception some years ago. She is a healing channel of the highest calibre, integrity and generosity of spirit. There is nothing predictable about these circles. The experience of bliss, depth and a sense of sacred collaboration between heaven and earth is a regular occurrence. Carol is a committed spiritual warrior whose work is truly transformational on individual, ancestral and planetary levels.

Nár laga Dia do Lámh.

– H.W.

My life has changed completely since I joined the healing circle. After a painful event in my life, I was lost and had a huge void and emptiness that I could not fill. I carried with me deep emotional wounds that needed healing.

I feel truly blessed that Carol came into my life. She has a deep connection with Great Spirit, is full of love and compassion and has a beautiful gift of healing and channelling. Through the channelling, Carol receives and shares a deep inner wisdom and profound messages that assist us in finding our own inner sanctuary and guidance.

                                                                                                                     – Caitriona

Carol Kelleher is a kind genuine and very gifted lady. I have had the pleasure of doing one to one sessions, partaking in her healing circle and several full-day workshops with her. Working with Carol has allowed me to remove trauma, baggage and negative traits from myself on every level – physical, emotional and spiritual. With her unassuming way she empowers people to help themselves, removing blockages, limitations and destructive cellular memories. This all happens in a safe, supported environment with home-baked treats and tea afterwards! I now move forward with ease and confidence, manifesting only goodness and abundance in all areas of my life.

I highly recommend Carol and wish her the very best wherever her amazing journey takes her.

                                                                                                           – Blessings, Gillian

 I was initially sceptical but after experiencing the phenomenal Power of Spiritual Healing I believe Carol has an amazingly unique gift of healing and I feel lucky and grateful to have her ongoing empathy, care, love and support.

-Sheelagh Garvey (Galway, Ireland)

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