Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions:

During this healing process a powerful transmission of pure sacred healing energy is brought through using an invocation or prayer. The energy melts into the body releasing or dissolving anything that is not based on love, expansion or growth of consciousness. The recipient of the healing energy may feel tingling, shaking, or shivers as old mind sets and limiting beliefs are let go of. The energy that is accessed has an intelligence of its own and can even take us by surprise as we are led to the full expression of who we are. We are brought into alignment with our soul’s purpose. When this key is found then life takes on a whole new meaning. We discover that our soul’s journey has little to do with material gain – house, job, relationship, status etc. We become more aware of the 3 aspects of our being – mind, body and spirit. We are gently and lovingly led to grow, evolve and become the best possible version of ourselves. We learn how to plug in to the field of creation and how to live from that place. As our connection with spirit deepens it will speak to us in every moment as we become aware and listen. When we ask for help and guidance it will come through though not always in accordance with our plans. Sometimes a greater plan is activated. As one embarks on this transformational journey, it is essential to have a deep willingness to change, grow and shed as well as to have the courage to take risks and go boldly to new experiences. Determination is a key requisite because ego can rear its ugly head from time to time attempting to sabotage our best efforts.

The most precious gift one can give one’s self is to say a heartfelt “Thy will be done”. When these words are spoken and truly meant that is when the magic happens.
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